In anticipation of National Penguin Awareness Day, the staff at Moody Gardens is thrilled to announce the successful hatching of two healthy Chinstrap penguin chicks at its South Atlantic exhibit. This achievement is a testament to the exceptional care provided by Moody Gardens’ biologists, establishing the facility as a successful Chinstrap Penguin Breeding Facility.

The first chick, weighing 62 grams, hatched on Jan. 9 under the attentive care of proud parents Calle and Rose. The second chick, weighing 46 grams, also hatched on Jan. 9, with parents Blanche and Blue. Aquarium Pyramid Curator, Diane Olsen, expressed joy and gratitude for the new additions to the exhibit.

Chinstrap penguins play a crucial role in Moody Gardens’ mission of education and conservation. Olsen emphasized, “Increasing the number of birds in our collection allows us to have greater diversity for breeding pairs in the future. This, also allows us to send birds to other facilities to diversify their populations.”

Moody Gardens Aquarium Pyramid, one of the largest and most diverse aquariums in the United States, houses various penguin species, including Gentoo, Chinstrap, Macaroni, Humboldt, King, Northern, and Southern Rockhopper penguins. The exhibit, features over, 1.5 million gallons of water, with marine life from five distinct environments, including stingrays, sharks, seals, sea lions, and over 200 different species of fish.

The addition of the new penguin chicks comes just before National Penguin Awareness Day on Jan. 20 and another important time as the Association of Zoos and Aquariums International Directors Retreat kicks off at Moody Gardens on Jan. 22.

Moody Gardens and the AZA have a shared mission of conservation, education, science, and recreation and successes such as successful breeding of penguins and other animals are a part of that mission. The AZA serves as an accrediting body for zoos and aquariums and ensures that accredited facilities meet the exceptional standards of animal care that exceed those required by law.

Visitors can witness these adorable chicks either in person or through the Penguin Webcam, available at For more information call 409-744-4673 or visit

Photo courtesy of Moody Gardens