Moody Gardens Offers “Reef Rescue” Virtual Reality Experience

Immersive 360° experience allows guests to take a virtual dive and learn about reef conservation

Guests will don their “diving masks” this spring at Moody Gardens’ newest attraction,Reef Rescue.

Reef Rescue is an interactive high-capacity virtual reality (HCVR) experience. Up to 16 guests at a time can take a virtual dive into a beautiful 360° coral reef environment.

Remotely piloting their own R.O.V.E.R. (Remotely Operated Vehicles for Exploring Reefs), their mission is to help restore the undersea home of the fish that live at The Great Barrier Reef.

Fun for the entire family, Reef Rescue is the world’s first high capacity, interactive virtual reality experience. The immersive attraction communicates an important message of conservation by allowing each guest to help clean up the waters, plant new coral branches and feed the fish, returning the reef to complete health in the process.

 “Reef Rescue is an ideal fit for Moody Gardens as it fits right in with our mission of education and conservation, as well as recreation,” said John Zendt, President and CEO of Moody Gardens, who added the virtual reality experience allows guests to take away a greater understanding of how remarkable corals are and the larger role the reefs play in the marine ecosystem, the planet and our individual lives.

Reef Rescue was created by Super 78, a themed attraction and technology studio, along with partners and developers in the field of motion tracking software and hardware.

“Super 78 and Moody Gardens have worked together for several years, first collaborating on the SpongeBob SubPants Adventure, the interactive character experience powered by Super 78’s Geppetto system. The attraction and Geppetto were both honored with Thea Awards, the themed entertainment industry’s highest recognition” said Dina Benadon, Super 78’s CEO and Executive Producer.

“Moody Gardens is an ideal location for Reef Rescue” added Brent Young, Super 78’s President and Creative Director. “Unique in America, Moody Gardens has a specific mandate to educate as well as entertain, which fits Reef Rescue’s mission perfectly.”

Reef Rescue opens at Moody Gardens on March 9 inside the Visitor’s Center for a limited engagement. Admission is $7 per guest and $6 for members. $1 from every ticket sold will go toward conservation efforts. It is not included in a Moody Gardens Value Pass.

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About Super 78

Super 78 is a group of award-winning artists and technicians who deliver entertaining and educational stories across all platforms.

Currently celebrating its 20th anniversary, this creative, production and special venue company extends well-known brands and intellectual properties into global destinations and the experiential marketplace.

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