AtmosFX Releases Dinosaur Encounter, the First-Ever Prehistoric Digital Decoration


Digital Decorating Company, AtmosFX, brings dinosaurs to life in your home or at special events

It’s time to Party with the Prehistoric

Digital Decorating company, AtmosFX, today announces Dinosaur Encounter, the first-ever prehistoric Digital Decoration, perfect for dinosaur-themed birthday parties, special celebrations, and any space in need of life-like dinosaurs.

Dinosaur Encounter features four realistic looking animated dinosaurs: a Triceratops, a mama Brontosaurus with her baby, a pack of Velociraptors, and the ferocious Tyrannosaurus Rex. These dinosaurs can appear in windows, thunder across walls, or even roar out of birthday cakes with the help of AtmosFX’s Digital Decorating Kit, or a home theater projector.

“Dinosaurs are popular because they combine both history and the imagination,” said AtmosFX CEO Pete Reichert, “with movies like Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom in theaters, we knew it would be the perfect time to introduce big, high-res dinosaurs that bring the thunder to parties across the country and across the world. What’s great about Dinosaur Encounter is that it’s made to be projected onto walls or in a window as a realistic illusion. The dinosaurs look at you, as if you’re in their space, creating a unique experience that’s technically very easy for people to set up.”

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AtmosFX’s goal is to make every event special…including those that involve dinosaurs.

“In 2006, when AtmosFX started making digital decorations, we focused largely on Halloween. Since then, we’ve rapidly expanded into Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and more. Dinosaur Encounter is one of our first non-holiday focused decorations so we’re excited to see all the creative ways our fans use it to celebrate,” Reichert said.

Dinosaur Encounter digital download can be purchased for $34.99 at

The collection features four types of dinosaurs; Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, Brontosaur, and Velociraptors, who thunder into your home sniffing, roaring, frolicking, and fighting with all the ferocity that earned them the title, “terrible lizards!”

The Tyrannosaurus Rex, the monarch of dinosaurs, hunts for her next meal. She’s on the scent of her prey, so watch out. The Triceratops may seem dull-witted and slow, but those horns and powerful charge prove a challenge to a would-be predator.

The Velociraptor is a pack hunter, so don’t be fooled when you only see one — because that’s when the attack comes. When a baby Brontosaurus can’t quite reach the tasty leaves of the jungle canopy, his titanic mother is there to help.

Digital Decoration Display Modes:

  • Window (black background)
  • Wall (jungle background w/ black foliage border/matte)
  • Hollusion (black background)
  • TV (jungle background)
  • Rating: Family-friendly
  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Orientations: Horizontal Included. Vertical Upon Request

About AtmosFX:   AtmosFX is the fastest growing Digital Decorating company in the world, creating memorable characters and realistic environments for at-home displays. With customers in 120+ countries, AtmosFX brings parties, Halloween haunts, and homes to life with decorations and Digital Decorating Kits that transform any home or space into an immersive experience.

From a crafty, yet clumsy witch, to Santa, zombies, the Easter Bunny, a winter wonderland, and much more, AtmosFX offers dozens of beautifully animated, amusement-park-quality scenes and characters that can be viewed on any tv or monitor, and projected on flat surfaces – even windows.

Founded in 2006, MTV alumni Pete Reichert and Pete Williams today, lead a team of 30+ artists, creating amazing, year-round Digital Decorations. As industry leaders, AtmosFX provides a virtually instant way to decorate anywhere, any time of year.

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photos courtesy of AtmosFX