Bailey Kinney Joins Lemonade Day Houston as New Executive Director

In this role, Kinney is responsible for organizing and promoting the Lemonade Day youth entrepreneurship program and hosting Lemonade Day events in the greater Houston metropolitan area. She is also responsible for recruiting ambassadors and volunteers, securing local corporate and individual sponsorships, and developing partnerships with schools and youth organizations.

“Bailey brings a wealth of leadership experience to Lemonade Day. She is clearly bright and knowledgeable, but I believe her greatest asset is her heart for helping kids. I am certain that she will make a tremendous positive impact on Houston children and youth through her leadership of the Lemonade Day program. We are thrilled to have her join our team!” commented Debbie Nazarian, Lemonade Day Interim National President and National Director.

Established in 2007 in Houston, Lemonade Day teaches the basics of entrepreneurial learning: Business Skills, Financial Literacy, Teamwork, Social & Emotional Skills, Goal Setting, and Responsibility. Mentors guide participants through the youth entrepreneurship lessons via the My Lemonade Day app or with workbooks and take participants through the journey of planning, launching, and operating a business. The valuable lessons of Lemonade Day include setting a goal, making a plan, working the plan, and achieving their dreams. Lemonade Day participants keep the money they earn after paying back their investors and are encouraged to spend some, save some, and share some of their profit with a cause that matters to them.

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The 2021 Lemonade Day goal for the greater Houston area is to register 3,500 youth who will start new lemonade businesses and showcase them on Lemonade Day, July 17th. Registration details are available at

Kinney, who is a fourth generation Texan, brings almost 25 years of non-profit, entrepreneurship, and community engagement experience to her Lemonade Day Houston Executive Director role.

“It is an honor for me to join the Lemonade Day team. The mission of this organization means so much to me as it combines my business and non-profit experience. After selling my toy store several years ago, I entered the non-profit sector to give back to the fantastic city of Houston. Lemonade Day has an excellent track record. Using the program’s hands-on business steps, we can help youth ignite their own entrepreneurial sparks, which in turn will change the future of our communities, one child at a time,” Kinney explained. “Because the Lemonade Day program began here, the greater Houston metro area needs to always shine brightly as a leader in rallying participants and serving as an example for other cities.”

More about Bailey Kinney

Kinney’s entrepreneurial spark was ignited in the summer approaching fourth grade when she decided to provide her parents’ coworkers with a tasty and easily accessible lunch at their desks. Kinney teamed up with a friend, created a menu, took orders, shopped for supplies, and assembled meals in her kitchen at home. She and her business buddy then delivered lunches on their bikes every day. Kinney fondly recalls the feeling of satisfaction that accompanied earning her own money and making a profit!

“Owning a children’s toy store for over eight years helped me fulfill my passion for entrepreneurship. I will always treasure the leadership skills and relationships that I was able to form through that experience. The store is thriving today, and I am proud of how it has evolved under new ownership,” Kinney added.

Prior to joining Lemonade Day, Kinney served as the Interim Executive Director and Development Director for the Nature Discovery Center in Bellaire. She purchased Toys to Love in 2008 and sold the company in 2016. Before and after owning this specialty toy company, Kinney worked with children’s toy and gifts stores around the country as a Representative and Sales Manager with Dallas-based Diverse Marketing.

Kinney earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Learning Development from The University of Texas College of Education in Austin, Texas.  She actively participates in a wide range of community and charitable initiatives, including St. John’s the Divine Church, Lamar High School, and volunteering for numerous non-profits through the National Charity League.

Kinney and her family reside in the Briarcroft area of Houston.

More about Lemonade Day

Founded in Houston in 2007 by entrepreneur Michael Holthouse and his wife, Lisa, Lemonade Day is a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching every child across North America important business and financial skills that are the key ingredients of entrepreneurship. By learning these skills early in life, children will be better prepared to be successful, financially healthy adults. Through the fun, hands-on Lemonade Day program, kids of kindergarten through fifth grade age are empowered to start their own business — a lemonade stand — and experience earning money, using 100 percent of their profits to spend, save and share based on their own goals.

Lemonade Day has expanded to 84 licensed markets in 31 states, Puerto Rico, Canada, and Bermuda along with six U.S. military bases. More than one million children and thousands of adult mentors have participated in Lemonade Day since 2007. Adults can register children to participate in Lemonade Day and give them a taste of the sweet success that comes with launching their own business. For more information, visit