Pure Vichy Spa Owner, LeBrina Johnson Reaches Out to Her Community

Pure Vichy Spa owner, LeBrina Johnson, understands the importance of self-care and wants to give women a break from their normal lives if only for an hour. Johnson, an advocate for women, kicked off her 12 Ways of Giving Campaign by providing a spa pop-up experience for local shelter beneficiaries and Breast Cancer survivors. Last year, she launched a campaign to give away $10,000 to deserving women nominated by various local charities.


At the age of 21, single mom and college drop-out, LeBrina Johnson had gone from studying biology and wanting to become a dentist to struggling through school and landing in her mother’s salon.

The concept of self-care gave birth to Pure Strandz, an extensions and styling brand built on the principle that every strand of hair, product used, and customer encounter would be untainted and genuine. When it was  expanded to a salon and spa, the brand adopted the name, Pure Vichy with the same principle, and adding the name of a French Parisian spa town.

Though the owner and staff experienced several challenges that go with start-up businesses, the brand has flourished and the location is now recognized as a high-end spa located in beautiful River Oaks, Houston. Pure Vichy is also moving toward expansion in cities and states outside of Houston, and potentially has some additions coming to their list of services.


1.) How do your experiences inspire you to give back to your community?

My experiences inspire me to give back to my community in ways I never imagined. So many dreams and such great talent is embedded in many of the underserved communities. Me coming from that sort of community changed my outlook and taught me that anything is possible. If you can believe it, you definitely can achieve it. There are so many women with dreams and great talent, but just haven’t found that outlet to showcase their talent, however being a part of such inspiration gives me peace.

2.) What would your ideal version of giving back be?

I love this question, Wow! I would have to say if there were no limitations on my philanthropy I would definitely show young women and men what self-care really feels like and allow them to experience what it really means to them mentally. I wish I could create some sort of self-care safe haven for the less fortunate to escape from the troubles of everyday struggles and life. I want them to just feel like a human being at peace for at least 60 mins and love on themselves.

3.) Who are the perfect candidates for your services such as facials, massages, etc.? 

The perfect candidate for Pure Vichy is a person who doesn’t have a limit on truly loving themselves. A person who can really appreciate a sanctuary of 5-star service and skill.

4.) Tell us about the most impactful client experience at Pure Vichy

I would have to say the most impactful client experience at Pure Vichy was a time that I was just hanging out in the spa lobby. A couple who had just finished a massage treatment thought that I was a client, and just raved about how great the services were. Not knowing that I was the owner, they also suggested what I should get to enhance my experience. That was an amazing moment for me, at that moment I realized I was on the right track in business.

5.) Discuss future plans for your business

Future Plans for Pure Vichy are to definitely expand into a few different cities, plant based skin care line, and to continue to keep our guest smiling always.


For more information, go to www.purevichy.com, call (713) 429-9582 or email at hello@purevichy.com. Pure Vichy is located at 2128 Welch Street, Suite B in Houston.

PHOTO CREDIT: True Optics Media