Ann Marie Vancas, Houston Artist, Launches Custom Home Furnishings Line of Art

Vancas now offering custom home furnishings, small figurines sculptures in addition to her original artwork 

           Each piece is a blank canvas

Start with a contemporary coffee and side tables that have a steel frame and the table top is manufactured wood. Vancas adds her unique style to each piece, and paints the table top with acrylic paint and seals it several times.

The finished product is a one-of-a-kind home furnishing piece that fits any style. The statue figurines are made of porcelain, and are painted to be used as accent pieces. Vancas also has her art produced on custom ceramic coffee mugs that are both unique and functional. 

Her paintings most often feature bold and bright colors, images and shapes and feature pastel, acrylic, oil, water color, charcoal and graphite.

“When I see a blank surface, I am eager to bring it to life with bright colors. Growing up, my father was builder and my mom made toys out of wood, so it only felt natural to transition into functional art,” she said.

This Houston-based artist, whose art has been predominately displayed throughout Houston, and in numerous art shows and exhibitions, has a devoted following through her with collectors from throughout the U.S.  She has numerous commissioned works of all sizes on a variety of materials in her portfolio of work.

Vancas, who has a style of her own despite coming from a family of artists, using the artistic style of fauvism and abstract surrealism to create her own coined term “sensuism”, which draws from sensory processes and emotional feelings.

Due to a condition called synesthesia, which results in Vancas seeing colors upon hearing music, she uses music and mood to bring colors and feelings to a story on canvas.

Find Vancas’ art at her studio located at 2101 Winter Street #19B. Her home furnishing pieces will soon be available at local retailers.

For additional information about Vancas’ artwork, visit and follow on Facebook and Instagram.

photos courtesy of Ann Marie Varcas