Houstonian, Patrick Laine, committed to helping others eat healthy


Patrick Laine and son enjoying a Wipala bar

Getting healthy for the new year is a about making a plan which is why Houstonian, Patrick Laine took on the task of delivering a product aimed at just that. Laine, who worked formerly in the oil and gas industry, found a new way to contribute his talent and knowledge to his community.

Laine, CEO of Bonus Salus, is doing his part by introducing Wipala Healthy Snacks to the U.S.  Today, Laine’s company is the exclusive importer of Wipala Snack Bars to the United States according to Laine.

Laine, a New Orleans native, came to Houston not only for a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Houston, but to also work in the oil and gas industry. With the oil crash in 2015, Laine found a new path for his longtime passion to a nutritious and healthy approach to living.

After working 12 months with friends in Ecuador, Laine started Bonus Salus in September 2015 to deliver a product packed with nutrients. “It still boggles my mind to think about my role as Founder & CEO of Bonus Salus; that I get to make this unbelievable passion my day job,” said Laine.

Here’s the scoop on his mission in Laine’s own words: 

Bonus Salus is latin for “good health.” With Bonus Salus, we strive to create a place people can trust for truly healthy wholesome products never containing any GMO’s,  preservatives, or artificial ingredients ever.  

Our belief is that the human body has amazing capabilities both in terms of healing and in terms of the fuel we need for our bodies.  My story is simple, I used to get joint pains (particularly knee pain) when it gets cold or after sitting for too long.  Since improving my diet (avoiding cheese, milk and yogurt was a huge step), I have seen and felt amazing differences.  We tell people all the time, just give your new diet 30 days and judge for yourself if you feel better or not.  Please don’t listen to us, try it for yourself!

At Bonus Salus, good health truly does come naturally.

Future for Bonus Salus in the U.S.

Laine with Jaime Santillan of Wipala

As for 2017 plans, we expect to expand substantially.  We began importing Wipala products in September, and by the end of 2016, we had 27 retailers carrying the product.

Also in store for 2017 is another product from Ecuador (a 100% organic gourmet dark chocolate (70%) which is unique in that the cacao is sourced by indigenous women of Ecuador, and the production process is carried out by women as well.  The chocolate comes in 7 varieties, including rosemary, banana, spearmint, mango, andean berry, citrus, and regular cacao.  All of which are 100% organic and all are 70% dark chocolate.

In addition to the chocolate, for 2017, we are exploring products from SE Asia where there lies an abundance of fruitful resources.

For more information, go to www.bonussalus.com.


photos courtesy of Patrick Laine/Bonus Salus

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