Houston’s new workout, Fast Laine Fit reaches across city with popular, flexible neighborhood workout sessions


Getting fit during or after the holidays doesn’t have to be a solo effort, or even one that seems like a chore.

Fast Laine Fit (FLF), where Certified Trainers host HIIT classes in your neighborhood, provide 30-minute sessions, three times a week and guarantee that you’ll reach your fitness goals.  What began in Pearland has now spread to Downtown Houston, the Heights, Friendswood, and Clear Lake. Expansion is planned in January 2018 in Houston suburbs such as Cypress, Katy, Sugarland, Spring, and The Woodlands. 

FLF Founder, Patrick Laine, PhD, started the company after stepping on the scale himself and deciding it was time for a change in 2016.   Knowing something had to change, his journey began toward discovering a truly complete and healthy lifestyle leading to FLF.

Laine explained, “On any journey to better health – whether through diet, exercise, or both, sustainability is KEY.  That was our goal with Fast Laine Fit– to make it convenient enough, brief enough, and of course, effective enough that anyone could do it and want to continue doing it.  The fact that it’s as much a social experience as a fit experience, doesn’t hurt either.”

Pearland residents have discovered a local group that is impacting lifestyles through inspirational and motivational exercise sessions that produce real results.

Each participant has joined FLF for their own personal reasons and has not been disappointed in what they’ve been able to achieve.  One member, Bianca Hunter received an invite to join FLF and took a chance on it after trying P90X, Jillian Michaels, Chalene Johnson’s Turbo Jam, and many others that didn’t last more than 3 months. It was the 30-minute slot that first appealed to Hunter, but with the easy (neighborhood) location, scheduling of sessions and the chance to have her children play while she worked out made the pieces come together. After a few sessions, it was the camaraderie of others that held her accountable.

“I began to look forward to our workouts because it was time I was taking to make myself stronger mentally and physically.  Lastly, after many failed attempts at fitness, having survived Breast Cancer a few years before, I knew I HAD to make some changes to stay healthy.  Fast Laine Fit was exactly what I needed. There was no reason for me not to take advantage of this opportunity,” Hunter said.

                The overall experience is what Hunter is drawn to since she began in January 2017.

“The workouts have exceeded my expectations in that they mix it up so that my body is constantly challenged,” Hunter said. “What I did not expect were the friendships formed during those 30 minutes three times a week.  I feel better than I have in the past 20 years.  I am so grateful to have found a program that works for me!”

Another member, Sharyn R. Winborn, also joined the FLF crew in January 2017 after hearing about it from coworker and friend, Amber Kunec. The intense 30-minute sessions seemed “doable,” and being with friends was motivating. Her overall goal is to be in better shape, but she’s also becoming more agile, stronger with improved endurance.

The fact her workout is walkable from her work and offers different flexible times and locations is what allows Winborn to participate easier.

“There is bound to be one to fit into my schedule on any given day! FLF has turned out to be much more than I’d expected! Not only has it provided a complete workout, Patrick is helpful with nutritional guidance, throws in an occasional motivating contest, and celebrates our accomplishments via a Group Chat App.  He has created a ‘family’ environment, and makes us feel as though we are all in this together,” said Winborn.

She also had discovered that Laine and his trainers approach is encouraging in your own fitness journey. “They also give modified exercise options for those of us who have limited mobility, may have injuries, or just beginning an exercise regimen,” she stated.

Amber Kunec has had a gym membership for years, but with a full-time job and three kids, getting there was hard not to mention the fact that working in a packed gym just wasn’t appealing. Now a member of FLF for nearly a year, Kunec has become more energized and stronger with the high intensity cardio and strength training. Another bonus is going from a size 14 to size 6!

              “I love that no one workout is the same, but each is challenging,” Kunec said. “Patrick and his wonderful team of instructors also make working out fun with friendly competitions … perfect attendance awards, prizes for showing growth in repetitions, and points for sharing healthy meal ideas. I love that I can walk or ride my back to many of the locations within Shadow Creek. With my crazy schedule, it’s so nice to know I have plenty of times to choose from so I don’t have to miss my workout.”

The FLF program is just as beneficial for those of more advanced fitness levels.

Maggie Lentz  also has seen results in pursuit of her goal to increase her fitness level, gain muscle, loose fat and increase her marathon performance. With the great fit in her busy schedule, convenience of location and affordable pricing, it has come to be a great decision.

“The convenience and schedule are definitely a very positive aspect of the program,” Lentz said. “I was expecting to just do it for a few months and then do my own thing. But it is just so awesome to be able to have something you love and are committed too and that gives you such great results.  I have never been stronger! The staff is really good at doing their job, and I enjoy the diversity of the class itself.”

Furthermore, some strong comments from Lentz herself, “I thought I couldn’t spend more on another fitness class, however, Fast Laine Fit turned out to be the one class I have enjoyed and gotten more out of than any other class or training program I have ever been part of.”

For more information on how you can experience the Fast Laine Fit life, go to https://fastlainefit.com/.