Piruw 2nd International Fashion Show Fundraiser hosts Peruvian designers for charity on March 1

Testino design

Piruw 2nd International Fashion Show Fundraiser is reaching out to the community with a bevy of Peruvian designers, some local, all in an effort to raise funds for a funds for children in a remote village of Peru.

Testino design

The event will be held at Bleu, located at 2506 Robinhood Street in Rice Village, on March 1 from  7 p.m. to 10 p.m.

photo credit: www.engomichu.com

World renowned Peruvian designer, Giuliana Testino, who will be making her debut appearance in Houston, will be showcasing over 20 knit and linen looks  from her Spring 2017 collection on the runway in Houston for the first time. Opening the show are Houston-based Peruvian designers, Hera Concept and Engomichu.

All ticket donations will go to support Piruw’s mission to build and support a highly-needed community daycare facility in a remote village in the highlands of Peru. The fundraising event will also be able to benefit malnourished children by providing a complementary place where they can receive an education as well as a farm to create a sustainable form of nourishment.

Tickets start at $39, before ticketing fees, with VIP options at $79, $89 and $99.

For more information, go to https://piruwinternationalfashionshow.eventbrite.com.


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