JCI Grill’s long-standing location at 6955 Gulf Freeway has reopened following extensive remodeling, and now fans of this 92-year-old institution can witness the Houston company’s restaurant redesign plan targeted at the next generation of customers.

Customers can experience the more modern, contemporary dining experience that incorporates new color schemes, graphic designs and lighting. The dining experience, while still fast-casual, is more comfortable and conducive to couples going on a date or groups wanting a casual dinner without a fast food feel.

Then next one scheduled for interior transition is the Town & Country location in West Houston. The changes all reflect how James Coney Island has expanded what it offers and the trends on how people – both in the current generation and the next – want to dine. Still, for hard-core James Coney Island fans who might fear these changes, take heart. The new menu actually more reflects the one offered by the early stores which had some 50 choices on the menu.

“This re-image initiative takes our brand closer to a premium, fast-casual level,” President Darrin Straughan said. “With our Legacy Menu and new menu items, we’ve got good food comparable to casual players, but with an average check and convenience that are much more attractive.”

In August 2015, JCI Grill announced it had hired award-winning Eatsie Boys chef Matt Marcus to work with its current culinary team on its ongoing menu development and further the creation of seasonal offerings.


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