SAVE 2 SAVE App Partners with TWFG Insurance to Support FEEDING THE FRONTLINE

Feeding the Frontline is a grassroots community effort in Montgomery County

SAFE 2 SAVE, a rewards-based incentive app,  rewards points to drivers for not using their phone while driving. With the pandemic, SAFE 2 SAVE app users can donate their points to Feeding the Frontline, a mission initiative of Reflective Life Ministries, who are partnering with local restaurants to our healthcare heroes.

For every 1000 points redeemed, TWFG Insurance will contribute $2 to Feeding the Frontline, up to $2,500. In addition, app users can give monetarily to the non-profit directly within the app.

Upcoming Dates include:

  • Monday 4/27 – Dinner to St.Luke’s The Woodlands by Pie in the Sky
  • Tuesday 4/28 – Breakfast to Conroe Regional by Sweet Tea Catering
  • Wednesday 4/29 – Lunch to Memorial Hermann by Peli Peli
  • Wednesday 4/29 – Dinner to St. Lukes The Woodlands by Frey’s Backyard Cafe
  • Thursday 4/30 – Breakfast to Memorial Hermann by Pie in the Sky
  • Thursday 4/30 – Lunch to Conroe Regional by Sweet Tea Catering
  • Friday 5/1 – Lunch to Memorial Hermann by Eden Cafe
  • Saturday 5/2 – Dinner to Conroe Regional by Peli Peli

“We wanted to find a way to let people contribute or donate without leaving their homes, to a group of folks who are making a tremendous impact in our community. Carla McDougal, founder of Reflective Life Ministries, and her team are a true example of giving back” said Gordy Bunch, Founder and CEO of TWFG Insurance.

Marci Corry, CEO of SAFE 2 SAVE, shared that this is an incredible way for their users to help amazing hospital workers that are sacrificing night and day.

“In addition, this supports the local restaurants. Our company cares greatly about people honoring our commitment to shelter in place yet continuing to take part in using our SAFE 2 SAVE points so donating points for food thanks to TWFG and Gordy Bunch’s generosity really makes a huge impact. We are thankful for them and how much of a large domino effect this is creating for others to also want to give to Feeding the Frontline,” Corry said.

The SAFE 2 SAVE app can be downloaded from the Apple and Google Play Stores, and users can search for TWFG to contribute to the cause.

Photos courtesy of Safe 2 Save