HMNS and Andre Johnson, former Houston Texan, reach out to community with Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

With the onslaught of Hurricane Harvey disrupting so many lives across Houston, Houston Museum of Natural Science’s Team HMNS and former Houston Texan, Andre Johnson joined forces to bring live insects and much needed supplies to brighten the day at Fifth Ward Church of Christ.

In collaboration with The Andre Johnson Foundation, HMNS brought Street Science, an interactive science education to families that had experienced loss.

The museum outreach team’s selection of living insects and other arthropods from the Cockrell Butterfly Center gave the audience the chance to meet some of the most unusual members of the insect world, while learning about their native habitats and unique adaptations for survival.  Visitors also had the chance to come in contact with real fossilized specimens.

Team HMNS has plans to continue their outreach to the community said Latha Thomas, Vice President of Marketing & Communications at HMNS.

“This is our mission to talk about science,” explained Thomas. “It’s all about kids and family to get to see this closeup. It’s especially important to give back. We hope to take this program out for many months going to schools, churches, synagogues, wherever we feel the need. We’re looking at this as a long-time project for our city.”

Andre Johnson provided cleaning supplies and toiletries for those in need of assistance with the recovery and rebuilding process at the event.

“You don’t know what the people are going through,” he said.

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photo credit: V. Sweeten